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We are passionate about providing world-class service experiences. Our reputation rests equally on our creative approach to problem solving, from designing enterprise websites to executing brand campaigns, our attention to detail will turn your visions into reality. We pride ourselves on delivering a proactive service designed to ensure we meet your needs consistently. We monitor our service performance continuously to make sure customers consistently judge us to be the benchmark within the industry. You are at the center of everything we do and we look forward to helping you. At Treasure we believe that it’s our people that make our company what it is and we have a great team built on a shared vision, mission, and values.


Responsive Website Design & Digital Marketing Services

Gaining a unique online identity for your business in this ultra-modern digital era is not easy. Unless you have a website, you are as good as invisible in this media-driven world. As professional web developers and website designers in Kenya, we provide the best web design services to suit our customer’s business requirements. We are a renowned web design company having dedicated and highly experienced website designers in Kenya.

We can help you achieve the highest positioning and results for your websites – our work will attract more users and sales but augmenting a good website with SEO(search engine Optimization )together with Social Media intergration.


Networking is an area of engineering that focuses on automating and scaling networks in order to allow companies to process data more efficiently.
Networking is more than Switches, Routers and Access Points. Let us help optimize your network. With front-running technologies, we utilize established, industry-leading tools to design and create networking and IT infrastructure that will help maximize productivity, reduce operational costs, and manage complex consolidations. Managed network services are vital for today’s small businesses and medium-sized enterprises, it helps run the applications that fuels your day-to-day business, enhances communication and sharing tools, and improve business flexibility and agility.


Whether it’s a product launch, sales blitz, training series, customer hospitality event, or a demand gen campaign, roadshows are an effective way to reach many clients, potential clients, and partners in a face-to-face setting. There are few programs more effective than a roadshow for achieving direct engagement with an audience, however, the payoff comes at the expense of new logistical and creative challenges. Treasure Communications custom-builds each roadshow to accomplish client goals and prove return on engagement. It’s all in the details, and details are our specialty! As a full-service Communications agency, our roadshow experts are poised to help you achieve the highest ROI and deliver impactful gatherings.

Sales & Merchandising

In-store retail merchandising helps retailers and manufacturers create the best environment to engage customers and maximize sales. 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store. Merchandising companies like Treasure Communications ensure products are on the sales floor on time, fully stocked, correctly priced, and have accurate inventory counts for replenishment. In-store merchandisers also execute brand engagement through in-store marketing (ISM) placement, display sets, and on-package instant coupon promotions..

Route to Market

We help clients in every industry design comprehensive route-to-market strategies based on a deep market knowledge and an understanding that a unique product portfolio demands a unique approach. Whether you sell products with your own salesforce or through channel partners, you can step up your performance by making data-driven choices for every product, every territory, and every type of purchase your customers make. An effective coverage model demands clearly defined sales roles. From generalists and specialists, to sales and business development reps, the wide spectrum of sales talent calls for equally varied expectations and incentive structures. Add your industry subject-matter experts and sales support professionals to the mix, and it becomes an art and a science to harmonize your team. We can show you how to get it right, both inside your operations and out in the field.

Personal Selling

At Treasure Communications, we offer Personal selling is a personalised sales method that employs person-to-person interaction between our sales representatives and prospective customers to influence the customer’s purchase decision. this inturn gurantees better product awareness by educating customers on the company’s offerings and their benefits. Increase sales by identifying and persuading the prospects to buy a business’s offering. while also Buildinging close long-term relationships with the customers by two-way communication, supporting the customers of complex, technical, or high-priced items by providing detailed technical information. We achieve this by: Using person to person communication: Personal selling involves direct contact of the salesperson and the customer. The purpose of personal selling is to motivate and persuade the customer to purchase the intended offering a detailed explanation or demonstration of the product.