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TCL Experiential

At TCL-Experiential,  In-store merchandising is at the core of everything we do. Our business is dedicated to and continually investing in improving our service delivery in a bid to Grow our clients. And, our people are developed specifically for it.
With continuous innovations on our proprietary Marketing App technology- Efisales- the Client and agency can track our teams, their engagements, view actual images of product displays, shelf space, the teams location on a map, Outlet location among other services.

Category Reset

We routinely conduct full category resets in all national retailers encompassing millions of SKUs across hundreds of thousands of linear feet of shelves.
Clients benefit from our speed, accuracy and efficiency. We can execute full chain resets faster than store personnel, done to retailer Planogram specifications, within budget, and without disrupting shoppers, thus enabling our clients to generate faster sales.

Speed to shelf (we can come up with a different phrase to capture this)
We have the scale, experience, focus and operational expertise to routinely cut in new products and new releases in thousands of locations in a single day. Real-time data capture and reporting allow us to take corrective action on behalf of our clients quickly.

Inventory Services

Includes product replenishment, returns, out-of-stock identification, order processing and fulfillment.

Planogram Maintenance

This is a vital part of the optimum shopping experience, don’t you agree? We handle tens of thousands of Planograms every year, from initial setup to extensive resets, ensuring that the right products are in the right place at the right time for optimal shop-ability. We not only do initial setup and extensive resets, but also ongoing Planogram maintenance to assure consistent shelf presence, make sure all products are well tagged, and identify and correct out-of-stocks.


We execute, on behalf of client, price changes and mark-downs on specific SKUs and shelf labels, ensuring accurate price points on all items to maximize sales and profits

Fixture Installations

Services range from installing new fixtures, endcaps and gondolas to maintenance and trait reporting.

Promotional Services

Includes installation, setup and service of POP displays, endcaps and full promotional merchandising.

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