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Awards & Testimonials

Over the past 4 year, Treasure Communications has had the pleasure of working with over 20 clients on various projects. Through all our tasks we ensure that we deliver and add value to our clients.Testimonies in Kenya

Here are a few testimonials we have gotten;

“Thank you Treasure Communications Limited for the Shop remodeling services to our company, we have not only grown in our sales numbers but also we have created immediate visibility among our target consumers due to the exposure created. Our customer numbers have grown immensely and the remodeled shop now a referral shop for all the agrovets in Emali.

This is real value for money.”
Anastasia Mbatia, Initiative Leader.
Kenya Seed Sector Project, Agri-Experience.


“Working with Treasure Communication Limited, has been an insightful experience. You always do your best to ensure your clients get what they want. It always is a pleasure working with you. You truly try to exceed customer expectations and also focus on meeting client needs in a timely manner. Working with Treasure Communication Limited not only saved us money as an organization but also helped our partners’ (SMEs in the Farm Input shop outlet business) brands stand out by developing a unique identity for each of them and value proposition through strategic branding. It has been nice working with you and I would certainly recommend Treasure Communication Limited to anyone who is interested in quality and innovative service delivery.”

Shem Mecheo, Portfolio Officer– Inputs Sector,
Kenya Markets Trust (KMT).

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